Getting Laid

No, not like that. What's wrong with you people? Nasty.

Mr. Wolf was laid off from his job today. This job, the one that accounts for 2/3 of our income, the one that also carries the insurance coverage for all of us, including me, the pregnant one. This job, the one we really need. Is no more. He'd been with the company for three years, no incidents, no accidents, no missed time. They needed to cut 15 percent of their workforce and his name came up on the list. Of course it did. His name came up but the dickweed that he works with that has had 2 on the job accidents and has missed flights to work, that jackhole still has his job. Of course, my husband doesn't give blowjobs to his bosses so he should have fully expected to lose his job. I'm surprised they kept him this long without him giving a single BJ.

So here I sit, secretly freaking the hell out. He has taken an Ambien and gone to bed. I'm in the middle of filling out my application for Denali Kidcare, since even if he did get a job today, the benefits wouldn't kick in for at least three months. Three months, why does that sound familiar? Oh, because I'm due in three months. Wow, what a coincidence!

He is on the job hunt so even though everyone in town is laying off and making cuts we are praying that he gets a job soon. Very soon. Like, by next Thursday soon.

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