It's Happening

Recently Morgan (brother) needed to do some laundry because he was all out of black clothes that didn't puff out glitter with every step like a fairy Pigpen. He works at M.A.C., that should explain everything. And because I am a grown up, I have fancy grown up things like a washer and dryer. And because he and Angelo live in this super cute apartment with built in floor to ceiling book shelves and a closet just for body butter and fragrances, they don't have a washer and dryer. It's okay. Everything is going to be okay.

He requested the use of my facilities and by requested I mean, he called and said "What's the code to your garage again? Also, how much ketchup do you have?" (Oh yeah, I have a garage AND ketchup. Holler.)

Now is where I should tell you that my dryer takes FOREVER to dry clothes. Also, it will run forever. As in, it won't turn off. It would go for days if I forgot and didn't hear the clanging of metal buttons on metal dryer drum OHMYGODWHATISTHATNOISEMAKEITSTOP!

He called me while at the house and we discussed status of said dryer.

Me: What time do you need to leave to go to work?

Morgan: I should leave here at about 2...that is, if my clothes are dry by then. Your dryer sucks.

Me: I know! It takes forever, ugh, I hate it. But it runs forever, so I think it just doesn't know what to do.

Morgan: That's not how it works, it doesn't know that it's going to run forever and then disperse the time and heat.

Me: Meh. Maybe. Maybe it doesn't want to be so hot, maybe it's saying, "No. I want to operate at a cool 60 degrees and I will take 7 days to dry these towels thank you."

Morgan: Maybe.

Me: The machines are taking over, and mine are the first to start.

Morgan: I love that when the machines take over, it's not to rule the world, but just to inconvenience you.

Me: I KNOOOOW! So rude.

Then he made fishticks and used 3 cups of ketchup, because he hates to run out of ketchup mid-fishtick consumption.

This was after 500 fishsticks. He used a gallon of ketchup.