This is about me. Well, not "this" but after this I will write stuff about me. Maybe. I'm not sure yet. Check back later and maybe there will be something here. Or not. I don't know. I guess we'll be surprised together.


Surprise! I'm going to write some stuff about me! That's what you want to read right? If not, then boy, you are on the wrong page. The title is "About", you must assume it's about me...yes? Not about bacon.

But, there will probably be stuff about bacon. And socks.

  1. I am from Louisiana.
  2. I live in Alaska, for the past 10 years.
  3. I have lived in Alaska for 10 years longer than I ever wanted to live in Alaska.
  4. I have two children, Mad and Coop. They are pretty freaking awesome.
  5. I hate doing laundry. Like, hate it. Sometimes I cry about it.
  6. I have one brother, two half-sisters and three step-sisters.
  7. Seeing or even knowing that my mom or dad cried is the saddest thing in the entire world. My mom has this whole shoulder shaking and sobbing thing, God, I can't even stand to think about it. Sometimes you think maybe she's laughing, but she's not ya'll, she's crying.
  8. I can't stand to even think that I might of hurt someone's feelings. (Surprising, right?)
  9. I have this dog, Bocephus. He's a country legend and is rarely seen in the daylight. He has a reputation to uphold you know.
  10. I have this husband, his name is Joe. He's pretty cool. He likes me, I think, so that's something.
  11. When I have a handfull of M&M's I have to first eat all of the duplicate colors so that I only have 1 of each color remaining. Then I eat them. Blue is always last because it's the best one. I dare you to argue with me on that fact.
  12. I always make the bed before I get into it. Whether I make it when I get up in the morning (ha) or one minute before I'm going to bed.
  13. If I wear a new accessory like jewelry or a new perfume and I have a bad day then I won't wear that thing ever again. High School was a long parade of new jewelry and body spray.
  14. I rarely wear matching socks, but I always wear coordinating socks.
  15. Sunday is my favorite day, the only thing that could be better about it is if Monday didn't immediately follow.
  16. I cannot name a favorite color, movie or song. There's just too many, my head will explode with all of the thinking and categorizing and options. "Favorite song? Well, that depends. What year? Genre? From the moustache group or no moustache group? Oh, you don't group your music based on facial hair? Well then, how do you get anything done?"
  17. I hate the wind. Especially while I'm pumping gas.
  18. I hate pumping gas.
  19. I've never seen a Star Wars movie.
  20. I don't care to see any Star Wars movie.
  21. I was during a few times in my life, a cheerleader. (This amazes some of my friends.)
  22. I know how to cross-stitch.
  23. I don't know how to knit.
  24. I can probably quote every line from every episode of The Office...also, I Love You Man.
  25. I hate hearing shit roll around in my car while I'm driving.
  26. I once only used the clear liner for a shower curtain. You know, so I could see if anyone had creeped into my bathroom.
  27. I constantly am peeking out of my current shower curtain to see if anyone has creeped into my bathroom.
  28. I keep my bathroom doors locked.
  29. I also own a gun, so don't creep into my bathroom.
  30. Yes, I keep my gun in my shower. Duh. Where do you keep yours?
That's enough for now. I'll add more if I feel like there is something important that you should know.

Oh, wait.

  31.  I love bacon.