In Case You Are Wondering...

The Florence & the Machine station on Pandora is the best station ever.

Add that shit.


Out of Control

I have joined a gym. Even more amazing than that, I've actually been going to the gym. I love it! Sometimes my schedule gets the best of me and I miss a day or two but for the most part I've been pretty steady and motivated.

Then I also have days where I eat everything. Then I go to the gym and work out in front of the very unflattering mirrors and really let myself have it.

Have you tried Zumba? Not Zumba for Wii...that shit just lets you get away with standing there doing basically nothing. 

Zumba at the gym won't even let your big toe stand there and not do anything.

For real.

I do pretty well for myself, I can basically move my body in the same direction of the instructor.

Most of the time.

In my last class my body revolted. My legs and arms must have gotten into an argument earlier in the day because when class time came around they were still not speaking to each other. In short, my legs refused to work together with my arms and really my entire upper body and just did whatever the hell they wanted to do. At one point I just gave up and cleaned my glasses on my shirt while my legs just did their thing. I felt like one of those dancers where their upper body remains still and their legs just kick and kick and jig.

Or. Like a cartoon character who tries to run really fast but only their legs move around and around.

Or. Like. A moron. I looked like a moron. The 85 year old lady next to me could rotate her hips in ways I never knew where possible and guess what, my hips still won't do that now that my body knows that it is possible.

I still love it. I'm used to looking like a moron, so I fit in perfectly.
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