The Key to Being a Rabbi

Aaaand we're back with a special segment of "Conversations with Momma"...

(she's out of town on vacation...somewhere warm and wonderful...ugh, jealousy)

Momma: We went to an awesome street fair today and there was this Rabbi sitting on a chair with a sign above him that read "Ask the Rabbi"....

Me: Like, ask him a question?

Momma: Yes! And people were walking up to him asking him things...but I didn't know what to ask. I asked Caren what I should ask him but she didn't know either.

Me: Well, did you ask him something?

Momma: No. But now I really feel like I should have.

Me: I would've asked him what kind of questions do people ask here...questions about life, or just, like - where's the nearest Trader Joe's?

Momma: What is a Rabbi?

Me: Like, a jewish priest... (guys - I don't know the terminology, don't get mad at me)

Momma: Can I be a Rabbi? How do I become a Rabbi...?

Me: You can't be a Rabbi - you're not Jewish.

Momma: Well, yeah. But the main reason is because I can't grow one of those cool beards.

Seriously though - don't be mad.
I don't even know if a beard is a requirement of being a Rabbi...