Momma Confessions - Volume 1

It is my belief that at any given time we are doing the best we can. Sometimes (always) I come home from work and I have laundry piled up fucking everywhere, dinner isn't even in my near future, the floor is covered in dog hair and my sink is full of dishes. It's just life. If you are like me, you beat yourself up about it constantly...but sometimes you just say, "Fuck this shit. It's Friday."

There are some things that as momma's we know better than to do, but we do them any way because it will give us just a few minutes of, OH MY GOD COULD YOU CHILDREN JUST SIT STILL FOR ONE....peace and quiet. I will confess one of these things that I do right now.

Sometimes (1-2 nights per week) I will let the toddler fall asleep in my bed so that I can stay up and have an hour of life to myself.

Let me explain. Until he was moved to a toddler bed that little turd would sleep like a champ, and I don't mean just sleep all night. I mean, he would put himself to sleep and stay asleep beginning at 7:30pm. That gave me HOURS of peace y'all. HOURS. Then he was put into a toddler bed because he was able to leap from the crib like a freaking flying squirrel. Dangerous.

We have been battling bedtime ever since. Trying everything and sometimes we, as parents, just need a damn break. The kids need a break too. What has been working lately is the whole "I'm going to stand here and ignore you child, and if you get out of bed I will continue to ignore you but will put you back in the bed...and ignore you."

It's been working, as far as keeping tempers calm. No fits are thrown, no raising of voices - but it still takes at least an hour. AN HOUR OF MY LIFE. By Friday I just can't take it sometimes. He wants to lay in our bed so I let him, he will usually stay there and fall asleep while we get to watch TV and drink wine and just enjoy the quiet and then we move him to his bed.

You may  not agree with us on this one, frankly I don't care. I'm not writing this story in order to collect opinions. I just wanted a space to share a confession. So, do you have a momma confession?

Tell me. 

This is what bedtime looks like in our house.

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