Hang To Dry

You may be aware by now of my general hatred for my wardrobe. Mainly because nothing fits right and it's all hideous, I'm seriously wondering if I shop while drunk. It was my birthday this past weekend and I just needed something to wear that I didn't feel like a mo-ron in. I picked out a black t-shirt and a gray burn-out sweater type thing (you'll have to see whoismorgan for the correct definition). I loved it, it looked great, in my opinion...which may not matter since I may have been drunk. I paired it with a long chain necklace and ta-da! Ensemble!

I wore it out on Saturday, got good review. Then on Monday while I was at work Joe decided to be helpful and wonderful and get some laundry done. This laundry included this new gray burn-out sweater type thing...do I really need to go on?

I'm putting away my clothes and I notice the piece looks a lot smaller than I remembered (that's what she said..yes, I just did that). I examined it and then put it on. Yup. Definitely much smaller and shorter. I walk out to the living room and ask Joe "Does this look smaller to you?".

His answer...

"Maybe you're a giant."

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