Johnny Four Fingers

Sitting on the couch this morning feeding Cooper I was drawn into this morning cartoon, Umizoomi. I'll give you a moment to say it out loud, it's super fun.

All of a sudden something hit me and I did what I usually do and just blurt out whatever is in mah hayud. (my head for those of you who aren't my husband or friends)

"Why do they only have 4 fingers? I mean, is it that hard to just draw one more freaking finger? Would it add hours to the animator's day? Would it inevitably throw the earth off it's axis therefore ending this world as we know it? Is there some sort of subliminal message being portrayed to our children by having them watch character's with only four fingers?"

Joe: Blank stare. (typical look given when words are escaping my pie hole)

He then folds his thumbs down and proceeds to wave his creepy four-fingered hands in my face. Do it, it's creepy.

If you do a Google search for "why do cartoon character's have only 4 fingers", the results are a bunch of asshole's saying things like, "I only have four-fingers, how many do you have?", "last time I checked humans only had four fingers...derrr".

Whatever, Assy McAsses.

So, then you have to search "why don't cartoon character's have anatomoically correct hands". Good grief, the simplest thing.

THEN, you get a whole bunch of people with a hell of a lotta time on their HANDS (garsh I'm funny) with these long drawn out explanations of cartoon hands and the original cartoons and so on and on and on.

I'm not that invested in my question to read all of that. So, maybe I really don't care. Like I said, I don't ask the questions, I just open my mouth and my brain falls out.

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