One Year Ago

I'm about to do one of those posts about a personal matter that isn't comical or necessarily humorous in fashion, so if you'd like to step away I won't be offended.

One year ago Mammaw passed away. One year ago my Momma's Momma was called up to heaven. One year ago the lady that always made pancakes in the morning that were just the right size, and she would leave the leftover ones on a plate on the stove and they were good all day even if they were cold and she would call me sugar-root and hug me tight, that lady, she left her pain and her illnesses behind for glory and an eternity playing cards and hulling peas on a front porch probably.

I believe in heaven. If you don't that's fine, I don't mind. As long as you don't mind what I believe, because I couldn't imagine living this life with nothing to look forward to afterwards.

This lady:

(name that movie)
 Mammaw and Pappaw

I always aspired to be as beautiful as her.

Standard 70s pose. Only thing missing? Finger guns.

This was Mammaw's standard summer attire. 
Fishing day.
 She loved us no matter what hairstyle or how many piercings we had.

Never one to miss an opportunity to do something funny in a picture.

 Momma and Mammaw

 All of us girls/ladies/women together all because of the one we love the most.

Thank you for sticking around and sharing in this day with me and thank you for sticking around for every day that I happen to share with you.

I appreciate it.

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  1. I don't know if it's better or worse to tell you that at least once a month your always emotionally in-touch daughter would tear up at some random point in the school day and say she missed Mammaw.


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