Well hi there. Haven't missed me have you?

Here's a run down of what's been going on that I've been leaving you all in the dark about:
  1. I quit my job.
  2. I gained a million pounds.
  3. I'm managing a store that my mom, step-dad and their friends opened...are opening. We open on Friday. Fuck.
  4. My face is a zit field.
  5. I joined a gym yesterday.
  6. I still have an elliptical that I don't use.
  7. My oldest started second grade.
  8. My youngest says lots of words now, including but not limited to "pease", "buggy" and "boogy". (Boogy as in booger...buggy as in bug.)
  9. I got new glasses. 
  10. Your mom.
Okay, those last two I just threw in there so it would be an even number. Whatevs.

Opening a brand new from scratch business is haaaaard. It makes me whiny and tired. It also makes me use a lot more cuss words in daily conversation with my momma. Then we laugh. Then she calls me an asshole. Then we laugh again. Then she asks if I'm done with the ad design for the paper. Then I cry...

I just remember that it's due tomorrow...shit.

Oh! That's all I have to do?
Sure it is...

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