Tunes Tuesday

I think everyone is fully aware of my eclectic musical tastes. I listen to damn near anything. I discovered this song a few weeks ago through my Starbucks app - it was a free download. If you don't have the Starbucks app - get it, there's a new free song download every week. It's not always something I'm in love with but it gets new music in my earholes, and I always appreciate that.

Back to this song - it's lovely. The message is nice, I like the arrangement, I like it all. It's one of those songs that takes a stance on a popular subject but even if you're not into that kind of thing I think you could still appreciate the music. The video is also grand - I love a good story and this one plays out nicely.

So, enjoy. Or don't...it's up to you.

AND for a little something different...here's another song that I love - the video is not my favorite but I like the song. It's Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. They play banjos and I love it.
Guys will like it because there's dancing women and some of them have big bewbs. Girls will like it, because I don't know...maybe because of this guys fancy dance move?
(video below that tank top hot mess)
 Well...it's not letting load the picture of the guy in the tank top doing a dance...so just keep an eye out for it - you can't miss it...but in case you are worried about missing it, it's at 3:14 and it only lasts a few seconds but it will be the best few seconds of your day.

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