Tunes Tuesday...

I have to make a bit of a drive every day to and from town, I enjoy it because I get to be alone and listen to music. Two of my very favorite things.

I sometimes even have to giggle at the absurdity of my daily playlist - Lana Del Rey, Lonely Island, Trey Songz, Blake Shelton...the list only gets more ridiculous.

Here are two more songs that are in my rotation.

Huge glow stick? Want.
"I just want to feel some sunshine."
This is my winter anthem.
Speaking of winter...please go away - I'm cold. Even though it's in the upper 30s...ugh, I'm still freezing. My body turned in its notice, it said, "I'm not keeping you warm anymore, I'm tired. Figure smoething out on your own."
So courteous.

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