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It's been awhile since I've shared my thoughts on movies that I've watched. Let's do that today!

Playing For Keeps

This movie is about a soccer player (Gerard Butler) who...I don't know....doesn't play soccer anymore? Moves to be closer to his son, begins coaching his sons soccer team because the current coach has a condition that requires his phone to be attached to his ear constantly also he's fat and sucks at being a kids soccer team coach. Then stuff happens...and it was annoying.

From the moment the movie starts you know exactly what's going to happen - which I hate. Within 15 minutes I was able to spout off each direction the movie was going to go and who was going to sleep with Gerard Butler's character...who could blame them though - amiright?!

The only reason to watch this movie is to see the star of the show - Gerard Butler's hair. It's glorious and amazing and luscious and beautiful. If you don't care about his hair, then don't watch this movie. It's lame. The End.
Olympus Has Fallen

This one is basically a combination of Air Force One...but on the ground and Die Hard all wrapped up in a neat, bloody package and I loved it. It was pretty easy to guess who the bad guys were going to be but I didn't mind that too much - it wasn't a secret for long. Gerard Butler (are you noticing a theme here...?) plays a Secret Service Agent and then an Ex-Secret Service Agent who super, really bad wants to be Secret Service Agent again. Blah, blah, blah - people storm The White House, hilarity ensues, blood, knives, guns...lots of guns, tunnels, Navy Seals, Morgan Freeman.

There was a scene that I swear they took directly from Die Hard. I even said it out loud in the theater. "This is Die Hard."

I'm not going into much detail here - I'll just say it was a good movie, I'd watch it again. It really makes you want to save the world, y'know? Afterwards you sit back and think - I could totally do that. Then you look down at the popcorn that has fallen at your feet and the nacho cheese that you accidentally wiped on your pants and you think again. Boy, do you think again.

Get it? Because they're falling.

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