Know what I like to do?


Absolutely nothing is the correct answer. It's my favorite thing to do actually...nothing. It doesn't require a shower. It doesn't require pants that aren't stretchy or mascara.

Nothing, of course, can mean a vast many things. "Nothing" is definitely subjective. My nothing and your nothing could be completely different - in fact, my nothing varies day by day. Today my nothing could be watching tv all day long, tomorrow my nothing could be playing Mass Effect...yesterday it was drinking wine and reading literature gossip magazines.

I feel like I crammed a lot of "stuff" into my late teens/early twenties. I snowmachined, flyfished, camped, hiked small mountains, etc. And now...I just don't wanna. I still like those things, I just don't want to do them. I want to do other stuff - like, nothing. Is that so bad? Is it weird? I guess I don't really care.

This blog post is lame - and it's probably because it's the end of March and I'm freezing and tired of the cold weather. So, there.

Someone call the waaaah-mbulance.

Go ahead, I'm not going to do it myself - I'm busy doing nothing.

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