Oh You Can Do Better?

As per usual I'm a little late to the party, suck it - I'm busy.

iOS7 was released last week much to the anticipation and also chagrin of everyone in the world. I handled it much as I expected everyone else to - I saw the little red notification dealy (totally tech term you guys) and then I pressed all of the correct buttons and bam - done.

It looked different, my phone still worked, and I went on with my life. Apparently this is not the way of the world.

Things I saw while perusing the interwebs and the Facebook:

  • iOS7 is the worst thing to happen to the iPhone yet.
  • I'm done, I'm switching to Android.
  • I could've designed a better operation system.
Oh you could? Awww - how sweet. Is that why you are currently working part time emptying the trashcans at the local elementary school? It's because you're TOO smart, right? Poor soul.

You're going to switch to Android? Fantastic. Will you also move to Australia if you don't like the next elected President? Let me show you the door.

Frankly - besides me just writing this little tiny bit about your grumpiness over things that don't actually effect you - no one really cares. We know that you are pissed about the color of the icons in iOS7 today but we can rely on the fact that tomorrow you are going to be pissed that Facebook moved the notifications toolbar to a different area. THE HUMANITY!!!

 At least the update distracted from talking about twerking.

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