No Thank You Vistaprint

I love Vistaprint. They have great stuff, great prices, and frequent cool deals.

Free business cards? Yes please.

I can never have too many of these.
Have you ever purchased anything from Vistaprint? I won't wait for your response - I'll just go right into my rant, if you don't mind. Of course you don't. You're so polite.
When you purchase something from Vistaprint they are super happy about it and they really want you to buy more stuff! YAY THINGS! I'll walk you briskly through this scenario...if I spend too much time on it my nose will start to bleed again.
Oh look, business cards. Click. Design. Add to cart. Checkout.
What's this? Business card holders? No thanks. (Or yes, if you are into throwing away your money.)
This isn't the checkout screen...what...oh, business card sized calendars...hmm.
My credit card is ready...wait...no, I do not want to register a domain name..what fresh hell?
FINALLY take all of my information already!
Finish...oh cool, I can review my order one more time before it's fina....NO I DON'T WANT ANY GODDAMN ADDRESS LABELS FOR THE SWEET LOVE OF GOD. Finalize without address labels.
And that my friends, is what it is like buying something from Vistaprint.
Basically what I'm saying is, Vistaprint is great and also at the same time irritating.
Here's the website: Vistaprint get some stuff that you need, and also some stuff that you don't need.
They have no idea I wrote this - and they probably wouldn't even approve of it if I did. I pay full price for all of my business card needs. (Unless they are having a free business card special - which is often.)
Worth every penny.

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