I Hate A Lot of Stuff - here are a few.

Yes - we all hate the terrible things that happen in the world, we don't need to hash over them all. It makes me depressed and then I start shopping for islands and researching the best ways to clean water for drinking.

What we can talk about are what society has deemed "First World Problems". These are the problems that in all honesty you would be embarrassed if someone heard you talking about them...like, "My change jar spilled and now there's money everywhere! UGH."

This will become a recurring segment over here at ye old blog - here are a couple to get us going.

  • Websites that have those ghost advertisements that you can't find, therefore you have to sit and listen to a Folgers commercial for 2 minutes while trying to enjoy an article about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and how hard their life is.
  • Sticking with a website theme - sites that have the pop up asking if you'd like to take their satisfaction survey (no, I don't, ever, thank you) and as you position your cursor to click that teeny-tiny "x" the pop up jumps so that you click on the "Yes! Please let me take your survey, I don't have a life!" button.

Just click that little "x"...no big deal, we don't mind - JUST KIDDING IDIOT!

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