I ventured out into the day after Thanksgiving shopping mayhem with Morgan. I didn't arrive as early as he did, but still.

One of our very, wait, no, our VERY FIRST STOP was Forever 21. We walk in the doors and they had these huge 4 foot speakers blasting terrible songs. We are immediately berated into signing up for some giveaway and are told, "We have a drawing every hour...the next drawing is in..about an hour." Fantastic! Thanks Candy!

Just as we pass by one of the sets of speakers California Gurls comes on. This is where I pause to hang my head because little did I know exactly how much the rest of my day would be affected by this moment. So, it comes on and we groan in unison because, a. it's a terrible song, and 2. it's a terrible song, and c. it's an irritating song. Do you know it? Oh, you don't? Here, click on this handy link...no, it's not a link to the song...um, it's a link to a picture of cute little puppy blowing kisses to a baby chick. Yep. That's it.

We do some shopping, hop around the mall for a bit and then head out to other places. Finally I notice that I am singing that damn song. I typically only get as far as singing California Gurls and then I say, "Shut up!" and strangers take a step back because here's this crazy person talking to her self and yelling at herself to shut up. Morgan is doing the same thing. All day. We're singing this song and then yelling at ourselves. Finally we succumb. We just sing it along with dance moves. I was corrected on the boob juggle, but hey, I'm not perfect. "No, juggle them, not just bounce them. God. Get it together."

After awhile of giving in, I started to get irritated again, but I was too tired to care. I was literally beaten down by this song. Beaten into submission by a song. It may not be the first time and I'm sure it's not the last.

That night I was sitting at home, relaxing from the long day of shopping and abuse and finally, finally the tune was out of my head.

I see I have a text message. Know what it said? Do ya? Do you wanna know?

"Cal-i-fornia Gurls are undeniable."

Thanks Morgan.

In true spirit I responded, "Daisy dukes, bikini's on top." Then I passed out.

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