New Old

While at the park the other day I saw a little boy that I thought went to Madison's school. I asked her who he was...

Me: Who is that?

Madison: I don't know his name. He's new old.

Me: What? He's not in your class?

Madison: No.

Me: What is new old? (instantly realizing I made a mistake I put my sunglasses back on so she couldn't see my eyes bleed)

Madison: Like. I've been at the school since Kindergarten, so I'm old. Gabe just started so he's new. Kelly is old new. That kid is new old.

Me: Okay. But what is old new and new old? (yall won't believe this but I kept a straight face when asking this question)

Madison: (audible sigh) Nevermind.

I still don't know what new old or old new is, but you can be I'm going to start using it in conversation.

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