I'm assuming all of the people reading this aren't from the same general location. Just an assumption. Perhaps you are from the North...South...East...West...

I am from the South. I live in the God forsaken North, but I will always be Southern. I've been away from home for about 12 years - so long. My accent has definitely decreased but there are a few words that I still pronounce in Southern fashion (or wrong, as some people put it). Also, if I'm mad or have been imbibing, my accent comes back. If I speak to someone from home for even a few minutes it comes back full force. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I find that a lot of the time I will pronounce words the way I think people want to hear them... Since some people (one person) in my life insists on correcting the way I speak sometimes. If you have an accent and live somewhere besides your hometown do people correct you? When they do, do you punch them in the throat? Just curious.

Here's a little list of words and how I pronounce them or the word I use instead of the original. I guess I could've done a video for it...but, meh.
  • Aunt - Aint (I know that this makes no sense to anyone where I live now but that's just how I grew up saying it - Aint Pam)
  • Oil - Ol
  • Yellow - Yellah
  • Window - Windah
  • Pillow - Pillah...okay, anything with an "oh" sound at the end automatically turns into "ah"
  • Tip/Dump - Tump, I combine those two words to make one word and it's adorable. (Be careful or you gonna tump it over.)
  • Anything with 1 syllable can be made into 2 syllables, anything with 2 syllables can be made into 8 syllables. Simple math.
  • Theatre - Cinema, because that's more fun to say.
  • Route - Root
  • Fire - Faaar, because reasons.
  • Ruin - I used to pronounce this "Rern"...but now I just pronounce it how it looks.
  • Going to/About to - Fixin to (this is one of the ones that people used to call me on ALL the time, so annoying)
There are more, but that at least shows you a little glimpse into my weird ways. Which aren't weird at all, just different than some.

Oh, one more. What do you call saran wrap? I call it "film". I didn't even realize anyone called it different until I moved here and momma sent my stepdad to the store for film and he came back with Kodak.

Where I'm from every "soda" is called "coke".
You wanna coke?
What kind?

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  1. I am southern by the grace of God too! And ya left out "reckon" ex: will you go to.the store for some film? I "reckon" !!!!! (In northern terms : yes! Love ya sis!!!!


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