Are You Kidding Me.

Attention makers of the bassinett that I have. I won't mention the maker, not sure if I could get in trouble for that. I will tell you that this company is known for good quality and also makes various "adventure-wear". Rhymes with Shmeddie Shmauer.

The bassinett is beautiful, just a peach to look at. The problem comes in when it's time to rock the baby to sleep. While rocking it makes a loud clicking sound, kind of like a cha-chung, cha-chung with every sway. That's not too bad because I think that Cooper has now gotten used to it and it lulls him to sleep.

The real issue arrives when you need to lock it into position because if you leave it in the "rocking mode" the baby will of course work it's way over to edge therefore smothering himself against the side because it will tilt and he will not be able to pull away. I'm a mom.

So, I'm done rocking him, he is FINALLY asleep and I postion the bed to lock it into place and I turn the knob and as it locks it sounds just slightly louder than a car backfiring.

You can only imagine the sight of my infant jumping out of his skin and clawing at his hair. I can only imagine that he must have gotten that move from me.

So, what do I do?

Bitch and complain. Piss and moan.

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