Merry Christmas!

It was "Baby's 1st Christmas" this year and it was a good one. Since neither of us are working, me by current maternal duty, him by...well, no choice of his own, we didn't go over-board like usual. It was nice. Madison got what she asked for, Joe went over our $100 budget for eachother (which was actually supposed to be a $50 budget) and I got Joe the things he asked for therefore he guessed every thing under the tree before he unwrapped it and in the process ruined Christmas.

Every year Morgan spends the night on Christmas Eve and he bakes cookies with Madison and we watch movies. On Christmas morning we unwrap presents and then head to momma's house to open presents and spend the day playing games and eating. I always get some sort of board game that I'd been wanting and we play. Mammaw attempts to play, she will yell out her answer about five minutes past her turn and her answer will be to a question that was asked three turns ago. This has me doubled over in laughter and her confused as hell. Momma has to have the instructions read and explained to her at least two times, we usually give up and give it a trial run. We hardly ever finish a game, we are worn out from laughter or someone pees their pants. I'm not naming any names...Morgan.

This Christmas Eve we had the new little one and on this night he chose to not sleep. At all. At about 5am I got to sleep for almost two hours and that was it. So, by the time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at 6pm on Christmas day I looked like I had been beaten about the eyes with a club. My eyes were open, you just couldn't see them beyond the luggage that had taken place below them.

Besides the sleep deprivation, Christmas was great. Christmas is always great, I love giving gifts and seeing the excitement on Madison's face on Christmas morning. I am usually the first one up due to the excitement and I have to wake her up! Incredible.

Wanna know what I got for Christmas? Do ya? I received a $50 iTunes giftcard, Black hi-top Chuck's (desperately needed these), a few games, Band Hero for my DS, pajama's, Grey's Anatomy Season 5, book light, scrapbooking supplies, babysitting certificates (thanks Morgie!).

I hope everyone had a great holiday (whatever religious or non-religious affilitation you may be). This is an equal opportunity blog.

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