I May Not Talk To You In Public...Don't Be Offended.

I love my friends...most of them...most of the time. (This includes ya'll you know.) We have great fun and conversations and girl nights and going out nights and movie nights and staying in nights and all kinds of awesome adventures.

I don't always like to talk though. I know, right? Me? Not want to talk, to people with ears for listening? Pish posh.

It's true.

Sometimes, and with some people (you know, like acquaintenances, not close friends) I just don't want to talk in public...it's always awkward. We cross paths in the grocery store and its:

Me: "Heeeeyyy."

Them: "Heeeeeyyy."

Me: "Grocery shopping?"

Them: "Yeah, you?"

Me: "Yeah....got some eggs."

Them: "Oh, yeah, I have eggs already."

Me: "okay then...well...bye..."

OH GOSH! Then what if you see them AGAIN!

"Oh, hi again."

By the seventh run-in I'm just indignant about it.


It's just so much work and the last place I want to catch up on someone else's life is in the aisle's of Wal-Mart.

Just to prove to you how much I hate this exact thing, I will share a recent experience.

I was in Wal-Mart, I needed to grab a couple of things and pick up a prescription. As I was heading to the pharmacy I noticed someone I knew...not a close friend but someone that I would have had to talk to the whole time I was in line. Not interested. So I turned around.

After a few minutes I went back...still there. Turned around. Went back, still there! Geez, what are they getting, a years supply of everything? By this time my antics have peaked Madison's curiousity.

"What are you doing" she says.

"There's a line, I don't want to wait in the long line." I lie.

"There's no line."

Damn it. She caught me. I continue to lie about this line that may or may not be.

One hour later we finally left Wal-Mart and I was saved of an awkward conversation.

I win.

So, if you see me in public and I don't talk to you , I'm not ignoring you.

Yes I am.

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