Grocery List

When I go to the store I rarely make a list because, 1: I can typically remember the things I need, 2: I love to piss myself off by getting home and realizing that I forgot half of the things that I needed. It's how I do.

Joe always makes a list.

This weekend we needed to hit up the Costco. I'm not pregnant anymore so everyone is relatively safe. I say "relatively" because I am still hormonal and sleep deprived, pick your battles.

Joe begins to make the list. He writes a few things down and then says he needs deodorant.

"How do you spell deodorant?" he says. I'm in the middle of feeding Cooper the rest of my brain cells so I can't immediately think of the correct way so I say, "I don't know, I think it's d-e-o-d-e-r-a-n-t...shit, I can't think about it right now." But he's persistent and keeps muttering different ways to spell it so we go back and forth over this for a while when he gets up, goes to the bathroom and comes back announcing that it's an 'o' not an 'e' in the middle. "Yay, only five minutes to write down one item on the list!" I say with much sarcasm.
He likes to write things down correctly he says, so he knows if he's spelling it right.


In the car I get the list from him only to find that the first item on the list is:


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I love it when you say things to me that reinforce me positively. So...carry on then, do that thing. Lastly, capital hat!