I've Been Jipped

It's that time of year again. Girl Scout Cookie Season. I've already hung my lights.

Samoa's are my favorite, along with Thin Mints. Yummmmm. My ass just grew a size just thinking about the deliciousness.

My wonderful husband comes home and announces the he has purchased the coveted cookies.


Joe: "Yeah, I got me a box of Samoa's and a box of Tagalongs. I got you a box of Thin Mints and the lemon ones."

Me: "What the hell are you sputtering about? So, you got yourself a box of Samoa's, that I know you aren't  going to share with me and you got me a box of LEMON cookies. Did you scrawl 'I hate you' on the box so as to get your point across?"

Joe: Standing very still so as not to warrant any further insane attack by me. His crazy wife. He approaches the beast slowly outreached hand holding a Samoa cookie to offer up as a peace offering.

Me: "I don't want your afterthought Samoa. My ass is big enough as it is."


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