A Gift Guide of Sorts

Well, it's almost Christmas and shame on me for not already giving you ideas for things that you can buy for me people that you love. I mean, there you are sitting patiently waiting for me to fill your mind with wonderful gifts that perhaps myself your family and friends will love. I have put together the categories (gamer, cook, teen, etc.) and have consulted people that I know experts for items that  your loved ones may love. Some of these things may not seem like the "perfect" gift but they may be things that are deemed necessary for the particular recipient's arsenal. Perhaps, package them with other things...wait, I'll just point these out as I get to them, sheesh. You're just making things complicated.


These recommendations come from Erin. She and her husband Jake do things like build their own house, raise a super cute dog, work out together and walk around being adorable. When she tells me stories I always picture them in Allie Brosh comic fashion. It's appropriate.

Gamer Mouse
No, this isn't a little mouse that you can get from the pet store and bring home and it will play games with you...I checked.

You can do things like add weights, it gives you more control over movement. It has an on-board memory to save your profiles. The laser is amazing. No, not like a laser...like 'pew pew', more like a move the cursor here and here laser....I checked. AND hyper fast scrolling!

You don't necessarily have to get this brand, shop around, see what you would like to give. This one is $69.99 on one site that I looked at, but be sure and shop around.
(What? You thought I would just do ALL the work. Come on.)

These recommendations come from me. HA! You didn't think I read books did you? Well, I do. So, there.

Yep. Sorry. I have been against these for a long time but then Morgan received one for his birthday and...it.is.awesome.
 The screen looks like a page out of a book, so easy on the eyes. You can highlight a word and get the definition. It's really great for someone who like to read at night in the bed, no struggling with hard back books or folding back the covers of paper back ones, or flipping back and forth to give each arm a rest. (You haven't noticed that I complain about menial things? You must not be paying attention.)

OH MY GOSH! Do you see this huge space here...I cannot get rid of it. Sorry folks. It's making me crazy and there is not reason why this huge gap is here between this category and the next. So dumb.

Do you know anyone with hair? I'll wait while you check your list...

Okay. So, I love having good hair...it doesn't happen everyday, but when it does (and I hope you agree) it is glorious. Ah, a good hair day. This recommendation comes from Angelo, he's a stylist in Anchorage, he loves Morgan, he enjoys Harry Potter and being awesome. The product he recommends is something that everyone should have. Now, I'm not sure if everyone would appreciate shine spray in their stocking (I would) but you could always package it with something else that your recipient may be pining for, a fancy flat iron? A gift card to a local salon? You do the thinking, I'm tired.

Glossing Mist
It's a spray that makes hair shiny. You should buy a case of it. 

What else do you want me to say? Spray. Shine. Have a great day.

Do you know me a music lover? I hope so. I love music and I love my friends that also love music. Stephanie for instance. Not only does she love music, have great hair, have an impeccable ear for fabulous music,  and wear fantastic sweaters,  but she also makes music. Uh yeah. Friend jackpot. Her band is pretty fantastic, so are her band mates, one of which is her own husband. I pride myself on my awesome friends...also my children...um, yep.

Bose Headphones
Good headphones are necessary. According to Stephanie, Bose headphones are great for listening to rock, blues, jazz, acoustic or country music.

There is nothing like listening to music and having it delivered perfectly into your earholes like there is a tiny band sitting inside your ear canal...but not playing too loudly as to damage your hearing. Listen responsibly.

Oh, you know would sound great in your earholes? This CD...get it, love it.

Cooks and home lovers? I know this is a weird group...but these are things that this particular expert deems necessary for those who love to cook and love to decorate their home.

This recommendation comes from Momma. She is probably the best cook ever...except for that one time when she was using some shortcut for Chicken and Dumplings that she found on the packaging that the bathroom trash can came in. It involved flour tortillas. Our lives where changed forever, and not that good kind of change where our hearts grew two sizes or anything. Her home is beautiful and I'm always stealing things when she's not looking...ideas, yeah, stealing ideas. She's one of the funniest people that I know and I (plus Morgan) are pretty much the luckiest kids ever.

I asked for one thing and since Momma doesn't like rules or directions, she gave about fifty things. For the home she recommends having a bag to keep all necessary items that you need around the house: decorator's bag (visit thirtyone.com/15607 for this...shameless plug), small hammer, measuring tape, pad/pencil, a box with nails and screws, crafting wire, glue gun, glue sticks, double back tape, and cup hooks. These are fairly inexpensive items and a great collection of gifts, especially if you know a new homeowner, or me.

For the kitchen she recommends these necessities (all of which make excellent stocking stuffer's as well): garlic press, herb scissors, small sifter, zester grater, basting brush, finger peeler, and flour sack towels. Momma LOVES her flour sack towels and after Thanksgiving at her house, I love them too. So absorbent!

Oh, you have more people on your list that aren't gamers, book lovers, music lovers, cook's or people without hair? Sheesh. This is way more work than I thought it would be.

I love ModCloth. I can easily find something for everyone that I know on this site, and about 7500 things for myself. 

Don't forget the Etsy shops! I find some of the cutest things there. Christmas is coming so if you're doing any shopping online be sure to confirm that it will arrive in time, you wouldn't want me you're family to not have any presents under the tree!

Good luck and happy shopping!

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