Old Habits Die Hard

I have a habit of getting vocally angry about things that other's might just shake their head at...and other times I just shake my head at things that other's go nuts over.

One of my things that I absolutely freak the hell out over? Parking. For example, this morning taking Madison to school. We pull into the parking lot and this:

Me: Will you LOOK at that? That person willfully pulled into that spot and parked that way!

Joe: Who cares?

Me: WHO CARES? I CARE! I mean, good grief. Now noone can park next to them. They did it on purpose! Look at that! And this parking lot is already limited on space and we have this bozo just parking however they see fit. I bet they're on drugs...I should call the police.

Joe: It's fine.

Me: NO it's not fine. There are other people in this world, not just them and their Jeep Cherokee. I mean, it's an utter disregard for the human race. (I never said that I was sensible...)

Joe: Amber, we're right here. Exactly where we need to be, it doesn't matter how that guy parked because look at us. Here. (This was said with a grin and a slightlly tilted head.)

Me: Ugh. There are other HUMANS IN THIS WORLD! Where's my phone, I'm taking a picture of this.

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