TV & Text Thursday's.

It’s Thursday. Do you know what this means? My evening will be spent on my elliptical (maybe...) while I enjoy the Thursday night NBC line-up.
Don’t know what that is? Seriously? Really? For real? What?

The Thursday night line-up consists of: Community, Perfect Couples, The Office, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock and Outsourced.

Life at a community college with an oddly placed group of friends. By oddly I mean perfectly.

These are my kind of people.

You must know about this show. Right?


Better than the movie. For real.

I once called this 40 Rock (because I am sleep deprived) and Shannon slapped me across the face. With her eyes.

Watch it. Love it. Tell your friends...though, if you don’t already watch these shows then the chances are you don’t have any friends.

JK! LOL! OMG! I bet you have lots of friends. Even if others can’t see them...

I have a tradition of texting my friend Shannon (Hi Shannon!) while watching the Thursday night shows. Basically, we just text the most recent funny line that has been said then follow that text with a text full of LOL’s.

It’s how we roll. Don’t judge us. It works. Our husbands sit by and roll their eyes while we click away on our phones.

John (Shannon’s husband): Why don’t you just call her?
Shannon: No. We don’t have anything to talk about.


Joe: Why don’t you just call her?
Me: No. We don’t have anything to talk about. Also, we’re watching TV. Geez.

I think tonight that Stephanie will be joining in on the TV & Text tradition, yay! Welcome friend!

Ooh! That’s it. We’ll call it TV & Text Thursday’s.

Yes, I do have a life. Why do you ask?

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