Fantastic Find

Sometimes when I'm out mingling amongst the humans I see really awesome things that I think maybe you would like to know about. I will start sharing these things with you.

I am not being paid or acknowledged for telling you about things, this is done all on my own and the people that make or distribute whatever I tell you about have no idea who I am.

Unless I tell you otherwise.

First thing.

Okay, I didn't actually find this. My super awesome friend Stephanie gave me one of these cards for my birthday and now I am in love with them and will probably only give these cards from now on. (While we're on the subject of Stephanie, don't forget to help them go on tour by donating to their Kickstarter!)

They are by Bald Guy Greetings.

This is the card that I received:

The shop that she purchased it at is called Fuego, I couldn't find that you can order these cards from that store, but you can order them directly from the Bald Guy site itself. Or go to the site and search for the location nearest you!

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