See A Penny Pick It Up...

Do yall know that saying, "See a penny, pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck."? I know it because it was engraved onto my soul as a young'n. Being from Louisiana, I'm full of sayings and superstitions. And no, I am not also full of shit, regardless of what my husband says.

Mammaw taught me to only pick up the pennies that are laying heads up, those are good luck. Heads down, bad luck. Not only that but she also taught me to put the penny in my shoe. She ALWAYS had a penny in her shoe, and so did I.

Momma taught me to never throw away money or vacuum up money off the ground. She explained it as, if we treat money like it means nothing or is trash then we can't expect the Lord to bless us with financial health. She didn't say it that eloquently, it was more like, "If you throw away or vacuum up money you can't expect Jesus to help you out when yer broke, also, I'll whoop yer ass." I'm not saying she isn't eloquent, because Lord knows she is, she just didn't waste her beautiful talk on my childhood ears. On a similar note, I recently had to explain to Madison what "half-ass'n it" means.

I feel like you should know this about me, since recently one of my closest friends displayed her shock at my alien like behavior. Because apparently, picking up pennies is just crazy sauce.

We were leaving the mall, I was trailing behind a bit and I noticed the shine of a penny on the ground. As I passed I noticed it was heads up, well, I can't pass that up. I do try and pick up pretty quickly because, let's face it, I don't want to remain bent over in public very long. I tried picking it up quickly but faltered because it was raining and it was kind of in a puddle, at that moment Stephanie turned around.

"Did that just happen?"

Yes it did.

And I'm one lucky sonofabitch.

Okay, well, not really...but one day I bet.


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