I Own the Rights to All of the Crazy..Well, What Lady GaGa Doesn't Own Already

I somehow managed to get past the firing squad that is my common sense and sanity and I ventured out into the world on Saturday afternoon. I needed to go to Target for a couple of things which included nursing bras and nursing tanks. Yes, those. I was also craving the Geneva type Pepperidge Farm cookies. Those things are fucking delicious.

Please join me on this trip. Have a seat in the passenger's seat and enjoy the ride.

Here I am, I need to turn left so I am in the middle lane which is a turning lane. I see that there are three cars in oncoming traffice that are going to be turning onto the street that I need to turn onto. I also notice that if they hurry up and turn that I can also turn before the next 500 cars come through. IF they hurry up and turn. Not, slow to a crawl and then turn. The first two cars turn, not too slow but they could have definitely picked it up a bit. Here comes the third car, going to slow that I could have walked to her car and opened the door and got in. So begins my crazy hands, flailing my arms I'm screaming "COME ON!". This genius thinks that I am waving at her because I know her and basically stops to wave at me.

I'm still cleaning my brains off of my windshield.

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