Well Hello There Pregnancy Hormones, Did You Have a Nice Vacation?

They're baaaaack. It's been a couple of months since I've cried multiple times a day, I should've known that those days were waiting behind the door to jump out and scare the living shit out of me when I least expected it. That day was Sunday. I love Sunday's, it's my favorite day of the week but the way my Sunday's have been going lately I'm about to vote it off of the calendar.

Of course we went to Costco. The trip itself wasn't that bad, I was having a million contractions (not the real kind) and had to pee about 6 times but not too bad. We checked out and I vetoed getting boxes because we have the big Costco reusable bags in the car, I usually just cart everything out there and then I load the bags up. We get to the car and dear husband is complaining about me not getting boxes and then he said something and I only remember it sounding like "Please dear, let me sit here and let you punch me in the face; and so you don't hurt your pretty hands please use this tire iron." It was something like that, can't quite get the words right. So, I took a step back and went and sat in the car. Made me cry. (FYI, he did apologize)

We get home and as I'm doing the Hunchback of Notre Dame walk to the house so I can go pee the dear husband yells "Hey!" so I turn around just in time to see keys flying at my skull. I throw my hand up but the key hurt me. Wah. So I go pee and cry.

All day I've been waiting for a call or text from my brother, we typically talk or text about 50 times a day so it was weird that I hadn't heard from him. I had also been trying to call my mother and I could never get to talk to her for more than 2 seconds. So finally, I'm talking to momma and I hear Morgan in the background, he had just come home from work. So I demand an answer on why the hell he hasn't contacted me ALL FUCKING DAY? Busy at work. Whatever. I call him and he doesn't answer! I call my mom back and he had just left to go somewhere. I start crying. (FYI: He did call right back and explained his horrifically busy day.)

My mom called and said that when Joe came out to her house he left without grabbing the bag that I'm borrowing to use for our hospital bag. I blacked out. When I came to she was laughing hysterically, fortunately for both of them she was kidding. Cry again.

Finally, it's the end of the day. I'm exhausted, I need a hot shower, my feet hurt, my back hurts, my cervix hurts, my head hurts. I laid down in the bed just so I could rest for a little bit before jumping in the shower. Husband has million things to ask and say and it's just too much. Cry. Cry. Cry.

As he sleeps I lay there and notice that I'm having like a million contractions, honestly I'm too tired to really care or count them but I do know that I'm having a lot. So, I lay there for a while. I get up to go pee and realize that I need to poop. I had been laying there in bed, counting poop contractions. Fabulous.

Yeah, remember that post from a few days ago about how I hardly ever cry? Shut up.

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