Pajama Day

I'm sure when you were in school you remember days like pajama day, spirit wear day, wear red day, etc. The one that always sent me into a panic was pajama day. I would spend the whole night before checking the calendar to make sure that yes, in fact, the next day is pajama day. Making sure that the pajama's I picked out were cute and there was nothing waiting to embarass me. All night I would worry that I had the wrong day. In the morning, after checking the calendar for the millionth time I would finally leave the house. All the way to school I would be in a comatose state of panic until I saw that my friends were in fact wearing their pajamas. I would then vomit into a bag.

Madison had pajama day at school this week. Same thing. I spent all weekend making sure that yes, in fact, it is going to be pajama day. Spoke with other parents about it, they had the same fears as me fortunately. Who wants to be the mother that ruins their child's life by dressing them in pj's on a non-pajama day at school, might as well just give them a trench coat and stop washing their hair now. So, I check the calendar, confirm that it is indeed the day. She is dressed in her super-cute and warm pj's. We pull up to school and are walking to the doors and I notice that not a single kid has their pajama's on. Luckily Madison hasn't noticed this, I of course am in a state of panic on the inside and am talking nonsense trying to distract myself away from the trainwreck that I feel is about to ensue. We get to her classroom, the longest walk of my life and see that all of the kids in her class do have their pajama's on. Phew. It was just a thing that her class is doing, not the whole school. I kiss her goodbye, wish her a good day and as soon as I'm in the car, I vomit into a bag.

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