My Hidden Agenda

I'm trying to plan a date night with Joe, one that involves dinner, a movie and maybe some adult conversation. Also, wine. He's been wanting to see Iron Man 2, I want to see it as well but my interest in Iron Man decreased significantly when Prince of Persia was released. So began my plan to coerce Joe into seeing Prince of Persia instead of Iron Man 2. I was trying to do this non-chalantly, under the radar, on the DL if you will. Of course, this is Joe we're talking about. He can guess what I'm getting him for Christmas three years from now. It didn't take him long to see through my ploy.

Me: On date night we should go see Prince of Persia. *inconspicuous drool*

Joe: I really want to see Iron Man 2. I've been talking about it for weeks, you know that.

Me: I know. Prince of Persia seems really good though.

Joe: Why do you want to see it so bad?

Me: You know, it looks good, and all that action and special effects will be great to see in theatres. (Right  then I knew I made a mistake.)

Joe: Who's in it?

Me: ...Jake Gyllenhaal...

Joe: I knew it.

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