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I discovered a topic generator while I was racking my spent brain for something to write about. Yay! Even less work for me to do. Also, I always have great fuel for my blog but I usually forget as soon as it comes to me. Then I have to go somewhere, then I start dancing, then I trip and fall, then I am late to where I'm going but I get to use my favorite excuse, "Sorry I'm late, I was dancing and I fell." Honest to God.

Where was I? Topic Generator.

Well, guess what? This things a genius. First of all the first 5 times I hit the button it gave me topics that I've already talked about. So, maybe I'm the genius not the generator. Wow. I am smarter than a generator, right? Maybe not.

One of the topics was "Checking Your Closets Before Going To Bed". Which we all know that I do just that, except I also check them when I come home from work, from the store, from my mom's house and after using the bathroom or taking a shower. This reminded me of something that I wanted to tell you. I have an awesome kid. Remember the post about my family and how we scare the shit out of eachother whenever we get the chance? Sure you do. It's right here. So. Turns out Madison has honed this skill. She practices everyday and my wracked nerves and hair loss is the evidence of this. She has even taken Joe's talent of actually standing in front of me and while I look at her she yells out "Gaaah!" and then I scream and crumple into a pile at her feet. Then I hug her and say, "That's my girl".

So, you and your kids do crafts? Garden together? Sew? Well, suck it and BOO! Gotcha.

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