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Summertime in Alaska is hard on me. I don't know if you know this (well of course you do because you most likely live here and I know you because I only have 4 followers and I can see one of them from where I'm sitting right now. Hi Erin!) but there is so much daylight here in the Summer. The sun is up all the freaking time. Nothing better to do I guess. My first year that I lived here, I thought, WOW, this is awesome! I can stay up all night and it's just like day time. WOO HOO! My second year was like, Yay, summer! My third year was like, Alright! Summer time, I really need some light blocking curtains. Okay, I'll stop going year by year and just skip to now. Oh my GOD! I hate all this fucking sun! What the hell is this place's problem?! Ever hear of nighttime ALASKA?! I just love it when I go to bed early and then I wake up at 12 but I don't know if it's 12 midnight or 12 noon! It's the fucking best!

Rude. The sun is rude. I remember in Louisiana I could be in the sun all day, I could drive around and live my life. Here? Nope. Rude sun. It's so bright, it practically is beating me with a freaking sun ray bat, I can't see anything, anytime I turn my car in any direction near the beating rays of the sun I am blinded and I'll be quite honest, I may have run over some people and maybe a cat.

Hey sun! Shut up. Rude.

Here is a photo of the sun "setting" in an Alaskan summer. See? Rude.

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