Amongst Friends

My friend Erin and I were having a conversation regarding a particular dog in her neighborhood that is an asshole. This dog at one point terrorized her and her puppy Kira. There may or may not have been a gang bang involved. This dog = jerk.

We were talking about ways that she could protect herself while walking Kira past this vicious dog’s lair.

Erin: I was thinking of getting mace.

Me: Mace?

Erin: Yeah, and maybe a big stick.

Me: You should get one with a skull on it...

Erin: Yes..

Me: Ooh! Ooh! And with eyes that light up red.

Erin: Mmm hmm.

Me: OOH! And when you pull the skull out, it’s a sword!

Erin: Yes! But it would need D batteries...

Me: For what?

Erin: To light up the eyes...

Me: Erin. The eyes light up because of the sheer power that it possesses.

Erin: That’s right, that’s right. Where have I been?

Me: Get it together.

I was going to put a picture of a scary scull guy...but I don't like scary things. So, then I was going to put this super awesome picture of Kira next to an animal that she ferociously ripped limb by limb...okay, it was a stuffed animal, but still. Anyway, my picture uploading thing isn't working. Sorry friends.

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