Did I Do That?

If you're not a mom you might not care anything about this post...but maybe you think that I'm entertaining to read, funny and have nice hair. In that case, stick around. Oh, I also have cute shoes. So, there's that.

Ever since Madison was born it has been a non-stop birage of faces, noises, smells, juices, solids, gases, fuzzy things, not fuzzy things, bumps, bruises, staples, big words, small words and a torn frenulum. Oh, and Methicillin-resistant Staph. Don't want to forget that doozy. WAIT! AND ROTAVIRUS! Wait...that was me.

Since that day...the day she was born that is. Since that day, I have called my momma for everything.

"She's making this noise...do you hear it...is that normal...what the hell is it?!"

"Smell that. Is that normal?"

"Look at this. Is this normal?"

"Feel that...is it supposed to feel like that. Is it normal?"

Then, as Madison got older the questions changed a bit. More of a "what do I do when..."

"She's hitting, what do I do?"

"She's not eating, what do I do?"

"She's not going to sleep, what do I do?"

Momma has always been the best assistance in these situations. I feel like I turned out alright...right? RIGHT? Then who else would I ask these questions of? Duh. Geez.

Now that Madison is still growing...God. The questions have turned to more of a..."did I do that...?" kind of question.

"She never stops moving...did I do that?"

"She talks and talks and talks and talks...did I do that?"

"She does this thing with her face...did I do that?"

"She cries over the littlest things...did I do that?"

And surprise, surprise. The answers to all those questions are....well, I'm not totally sure. I think the answer is yes. I can't really make out what she's saying over the laughter.

I don't even want to think about what the teenage questions are going to be like. Probably screaming and crying...I might even get the chance to ask a question or two.

If you'd like someone to compare my momma to, it's Kathy Bates.
They are most definitely one in the same.
Also, watch Harry's Law.

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