Ringing It In

It seems like every New Year I make the same resolutions. Lose weight, eat better, work out, don't get eaten by zombie bears. I'm doing really great on one of those things, try and guess which one. On an unrelated note I am wearing my stretchy pants today and I ate bacon pizza for lunch.

This year I was thinking that I would do something different. Since my resolutions to eat better and work out never work I'm just going to make that my standard everyday demand on myself. I'm not a good listener, but I'm seriously going to try. Tomorrow.

What will my resolution be though? My real one, not the zombie bear thing...though that is really serious.

What should a resolution be? I think it should be something fun. Something that at least has a chance to survive in day to day life. Something that contributes to life becoming better.

I am going to interrupt this deep, thought provoking post to tell you that my dog is practically shitting his pants right now. I can barely stand to sit here. I will return momentarily...

Alright. I'm back. So. Resolutions.

My resolution will be to do something everyday...okay, 4 times a week, that contributes to my main life goal...or goals. (Wanna know what the goals are? Too bad. I'm not sharing that right now.) I don't quite know what these daily tasks are going to be but it won't be too hard and it will be enjoyable...maybe.

And that zombie bear thing.

This zombie bear breathes fire. It's not too late to edit your own resolution list...
I'll hold him off while you find a pen.

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