Ow. I Have An Idea.

If there were a list of the most commonly used words/phrases in my vocabulary it would be led by “ow”. Other’s would include: ugh, effffff, get your finger out of your nose, and blerp.

I say “ow” for everything, even when I’m not hurt. I noticed this about myself years ago when I said out loud, “Ow, I’m hungry.”

I’ll give you a minute with that....

I will also say, “Ow. I’m thirsty.”

“Ow. I have an itch.”

“Ow. Hand me that remote.”

Maybe it’s because...hell, I don’t know why. But now you know a little nugget of information about me that you didn’t know yesterday.

We all win. Well, mostly you win.

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I love it when you say things to me that reinforce me positively. So...carry on then, do that thing. Lastly, capital hat!