Do I Know You?

There I am, at Fred Meyer. Standing in line for the ATM. In all my glory. I'm looking around, taking in my surroundings, silently judging people based on what they are wearing or how they smell. Just kidding. Maybe. Then I see someone that I recognize coming towards me.

I recognize her as another Girl Scout troop leader, I've seen her at the leader meetings. I don't know her by any means...I don't even know her name.

I stand there and she's walking towards me. She gets closer and then stops in front of me....

I smile. She smiles. I keep on smiling. She smiles a little smaller. I'm smiling as big as ever. She's smiling but it's looking a little forced by now.

This is when I come to the realization...I'm in her way.

She doesn't recognize me, and if she did she obviously doesn't give a shit. She's trying to get through and here I am just standing here grinning like some kind of maniac.

I duck my head and move.

Needless to say, I did not attend the next leader meeting...

"Hey look everyone, there's that moron that blocked my way for a good 5 minutes. Revoke her cookies!"

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