Bocephus is due for a post, so here.

We brought a baby home six weeks ago and Bocephus couldn’t care less. The night we brought him home (it was night because the on-call pediatrician that was supposed to check us out at noon didn’t show up till 8pm in his cross-country ski gear claiming he had been…busy…right.), I digress, he approached the car seat, gave it a sniff, realized it wasn’t a treat and he went back to bed.

I mean, come on! I was expecting something, a little jealousy a little face licking, something! Nothin’. If we’re holding Cooper, Bocephus will sniff us, sniff him and go about his business. It’s when we’re not holding Cooper that he takes the opportunity to berate us for attention. He’s pretty much saying, “Hey, you’re not holding the small one, the medium one is done crawling all over me so now you better pet my damn head or I’m going to stand here all night”, and he will, don’t think he’s bluffing.

If I leave with Cooper as soon as I return Bocephus is re-sniffing him and the car seat, like I’m trying to smuggle contraband into prison. He won’t do anything until I put the carseat down so he can sniff all over it and make me crazy. Sometimes I’ll hold the carseat a little longer than comfortable just to make him squirm. Don’t do this to a real prison guard, they don’t like that.

Any blanket that Cooper has been laying on the floor with Bocephus has to lay on it too, sometimes he’ll sneak his head or a paw on it while Cooper is still there but once I pick him up Bocephus takes over. Then I have to snatch it up and lint-roll the hair off. Okay, I hardly have time to lint-roll baby blankets people! It’s fine. Really.

So, this is all good right? I have a well-adjusted dog, a well-adjusted 6-year old…now to have a well-adjusted husband.

This post dedicated to Rodney Long. He hasn’t spoken to me lately, I can only assume it’s because I have posted about Bocephus recently. So, here you go. Happy Birthday. Merry Christmas.







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