Maiming By Sty.

That’s right. I have a sty. On my left eye, upper eyelid. This on the day after my cuticle debacle. The pain. It’s all puffy and red and painful.

Yes. I am complaining.

There are people all over this world that are starving and are in serious, dangerous pain and here I am bitching about an infected cuticle and a sty. Sorry Mom. Sorry God.

The pain! I blink and my eye tears up. I can only imagine that it will wait until maximum capacity to drain, when I am in a public place and I will have sty goo dripping down my face and Cooper will be crying to be fed and Madison will need to know when we are going to Disneyland, my phone will ring and when I answer Joe will decide that right now is the time that he needs to ask me a complex question.

By the way, I removed my cuticle band-aid and there was a little bit of puss goo.



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