Getting back to pre-pre-baby weight.

Alright. 6 weeks ago I gave birth. I am already down to my pre-baby weight. Yay. Not. I wasn’t happy with that weight then, and I’m not happy with it now. Now I feel fat plus I smell like spit-up. I can only wear my hair in a pony tail or Cooper will yank it out, I have one pair of jeans that fit (I refuse to buy more since I will be much smaller soon so I don’t want to waste the money), I have to wear my glasses because I have a recurring sty and I’m running out of clean nursing bras.

Forgive me if I don’t feel sexy.

So, I’m getting started while I’m still breastfeeding since it’s much easier to lose weight at this time. After I had Madison I got right back down to size but then gained it back, pretty much just in one year, the year after we got married. Hmmm, related, yeah.

Here’s the data. I can’t believe I’m sharing this.

Pre-Madison: 135

Right before delivery: 188

Post-Madison: 135

Pre-Cooper: 165

Right before delivery: 187

Current: 166

My goal is a healthy 135. Stop laughing. It’s on! I tried to workout today, first I started pilates and I spent 10 minutes wrestling with Bocephus for floor space then Cooper started to wake up from his nap crying. Then I started to get on the elliptical later on and the phone rang and then Cooper woke up from his nap. Then I gave up and Madison asked me why my sneakers were next to the recliner.

Good day.


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