Covered in Spit-Up and Hair

It’s true. Sad, I know.

After having a baby you lose a lot of hair. A lot. I can just run my fingers through it and pull out enough to put a toupee on your uncle. That’s just the stuff that I get that way, it’s another story all of the hair that is draped across my clothing, the hair that falls on Cooper, the hair that is left on every seat that I sit on.

I’m surprised I have any left.

Next to that hair that I’m pulling off my shoulders is spit-up. Spit-up on my shoulders, spit-up on the front of my shirt and spit up on the back of my pants. That’s right. How did he do it? Hell if I know. This shit gets everywhere.

So, I was thinking that after I had Coop and lost all my baby and pre-baby weight that I would change my look up a bit.

I just didn’t know that my accessories would be baby burp and hair strands.

Ain’t I beautiful?


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  1. It could be worse. See, I not only grew extra hair on my head, but also all over my torso, so I have lots of dark hair on my tummy and between my boobs. Sexy, I know. Unfortunately, it's not falling out. I don't know why. So, while I still have all this thick beautiful hair on my head, I also have a manly collection of chest hair.

    Laura (aka pursefullofcurlers from Baby Center)


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