America's Got...Talent...wait, that's not right.

Madison and I like to watch America's Got Talent. It's a show that we both like and that I can also let her watch. There's not typically much nudity or prostitution. Typically.

We have a game that we play. We play "Call It". If the person gets a little pre-performance interview we call it then, if not, then we wait until they walk onstage and we yell out if that person is going to suck or not. Madison adds a little thumbs up or thumbs down to her holler. She's serious about this game. When she wins she jumps up and yells "Hey-oohhh", watch out she just might junk punch you. Loser.

I have learned the way to pick out who is going to suck. Are they talking about how awesome they are? Do they say that everyone tells them what a great singer or whatever they do they are? Do they say that they are going to be the next "insert famous name here"? Do they walk around like they have a small animal up their ass?

Then they suck. Period. No exceptions. Depending on the person, I sometimes feel bad for them. If they get their bad review and they just bow their head and leave, then that makes me sad. Because, obviously no one was ever honest with them and told them "Hey, you're not that great, how about you do something else". BUT, if they start talking back and getting all bitchy and crazy faced, that's when my sympathy ends. Hey, Sucky McSuckerson, sorry you don't have any friends that respect you enough to be honest but how about you get your huge ass and huge head off the stage and make room for some talent.

Now you see how serious I am about my TV.

They should hand these out to the losers.

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