Great Balls of Fire

If you had a super power what would it be? I cannot count how many times I have been asked that in my life. Why do people always ask that? It's like asking, "For a million dollars would you eat that turd?". Well, do you have a million dollars to give me? So, if I say I want to fly will you be able to grant me that power?

Didn't think so.

I never had an answer to this question that I was happy with. I hate heights and I'm a klutz, why would I trust myself as a human dart? There's super strength I guess, but that never really satisfied me. Invisibility would be cool I guess, I could hang out and listen in on people or hide from bad guys. Laser vision, what would I do with that? Sometimes I would answer that I would like super speed because I'm super impatient and would just like to get to wherever the hell I was going but then again, I am trusting myself not to plow through a concrete wall. It would be inevitable.

After a post that I made recently about my pregnancy anger and how things seem to set me ablaze I finally have my super power answer. I would like pyrokinetic abilities.

Yes. This is it. Except it's not so much the setting fire to objects like Drew Barrymore in Firestarter. I would like to burst into flames like Liz Sherman of Hellboy. Compared to all of the other lousy strengths this one seems to be beneficial to me.

Not only will be able to deter villains but I can also light the campfire. Handy. The main purpose I believe that it could serve would be to warn other of my mood. A lot of the times husbands have no clue that their wives are mad, ignoring the slamming of doors and dishes, looking past the items being thrown at their skulls. With this strength there will be no question that shit is about to go down and you, you there, husband with the remote acting like nothing is wrong, you better back the fuck up.

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