He's Got Skillz

Last night I was talking with the dear husband about our weekend plans. We have a friend coming over on Friday night and he is bringing his new girl. We'll call him R, you know because I'm sure he doesn't want me talking about his love of alcohol, XBox, Battlestar Galactica and his lack of any dance skill on the inter-tubes. So, I guess I will be meeting this new girl on Friday. Since I am pregnant I will not be able to drink to numb the awkwardness that is having a stranger in my house, I'll survive. They may not, but I'm pretty sure that I will.

So, Joe has never met this person he's only heard what R has told him about. He begins filling me in on all of her interests and attributes: she's short (good because R is about 4'9", okay maybe 5'), she's outdoorsy, likes to hike and whatnot, she has a daughter, she likes to play hackey sack, she....


Hackey sack, she likes hackey sack.

How is that something to list on a get to know you list? Hackey sack? Good God.

I like hackey sack, why do you have to shit on everything I do?

Um, we've been together 6 years and I've never seen you play hackey sack. So, I'm hardly shitting on everything you do.

I have a hackey sack in my truck.


Well, this conversation went on waaaaaay too long and was highy focused on how could I not like hackey sack. What is wrong with hackey sack? Why don't you like it? You just aren't coordinated enough to play that's why you don't like it.

True. If I ever did try to play I would inevitably kick myself in the head and the person next to me in the balls. I've also seen enough adolescent boys play this ridiculous "game" in a circle that I know that I wouldn't enjoy it. I'd rather play 4-square, now that's a game.

This converastion ended with me saying that if he ever did play hackey sack in the yard I would take that ball and throw it over the fence.

Joe: Blink...blink...IT'S NOT A BALL!

Me: Falling off the bed in hysterics.

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