It's Like Pulling Teeth

Milestones. They are something to celebrate of course, but they make me sad. I'm not sure if all mom's are like me but anytime my kid's do something that is a milestone (sit up, crawl, walk, jump out and scare the shit out of me, etc.) I get a little sad. I'm happy and excited on the outside but on the inside I go and sit in the corner and cry because that's just one more thing checked off the list of things they can now do and pretty soon they will be doing more things that will propel them out of cute, snuggly and baby-head smell territory.

For example, Madison lost her first tooth last year. She wasn't with me when she pulled it and I was devastated. DEVASTATED. Devastated that she was growing up way too fast and second because I wasn't there. Then she lost her second, third, fourth and fifth but she wasn't with me for any of them. She was with her dad, or at school, or I was at work, you get the picture.

Then her sixth tooth was so super duper wiggly and I excited that finally I would be there when she pulled it. We were at home and my brother was over to watch a movie. Turns out we didn't have it so I ran up to Blockbuster. I was gone for literally 5 minutes. When I got back I was greeted by little miss snaggle tooth with a freshly picked tooth in hand.


When I was a kid you couldn't pay me to pull a tooth, the general routine was, "Who's gonna sit on her?" My daughter? She's asking for vise-grips, an oil rag and a bottle of Rebel Yell.

Well, suckers. Today I was here! Well, of course she pulled it in the other room but it was so awesome to see her running out of the room, tooth in hand, gums bleeding and yelling "I PULLED IT!". It was amazing.

I think the reason milestones seem difficult is because my kids can't wait to get them over with, like it's a freaking race. Cooper got his first teeth at 4 months.


Not only am I now going to get bit, but I didn't realize that I only had 3 months of toothless grin pictures to take and 4000 isn't nearly enough. Not by a longshot.

So tonight, Madison read me a story and then I read Cooper a story and remembered that not so long ago I was doing all of the reading and pretty soon they will be doing all the reading. And, that's okay by me.

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