What Do You Wish For?

Like any small child Madison has a lot of wishes. I'm sure most mom's hear the usual, I wish..., (insert random sparkly thing here). As you should assume, I never get "the usual". Here are some examples:

Madison: I wish that I could sleep upstairs.
Me: Oh yeah?
Madison: Yeah. Do you wish I could sleep upstairs?

(After walking through the haircare aisle in Wal-Mart)
Madison: I wish that I had black people type hair so I could use that hair stuff in that box.
Me: Really?
Madison: Do you wish that too?

Madison: I wish I had a German accent. Do you wish that too!?
Me: Nein.
Madison: What?
Me: Nothing.

You see what I mean now? Multiply these 3 things by 12 and that's my day.

And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I wish that I was debt-free, lived near the ocean, had a TV series and a movie deal.

Do you wish that too?

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